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Five simple writing goals for you to try

Published 5 months ago • 1 min read

Good afternoon Reader,

It's been a hot minute since I've written you a newsletter, and if you're a new subscriber, you might not even remember why you signed up! Let's just do a quickfire intro:

  • 👋 I'm Zulie.
  • I'm a writer on Medium, my favorite blogging platform, and on my website,
  • I make content (videos, articles, and newsletters) about how to grow your blogging empire and make a living writing about what you love

Got that? Great. Happy to still have you!

Writing Goals for 2024

It's February by now, which means if you're still looking for ways to improve, it's not just New-Years-Resolutionitis. Hopefully, it's because you're really ready to put in the legwork.

I don't like resolutions, but I do like goals. Want something to strive for in the writing area? Here are a few ideas for you:

  1. Write every day. Focus on getting 100, 500, or 1,000 words down every single day.
  2. Publish every week. Every week, hit that publish button and force yourself to share your work with the world. It may not be perfect, but that's OK.
  3. Rank for a keyword. If you're more SEO-minded, why not try to rank for a keyword? If you're not sure how to start, I've got a good guide here.
  4. Sell your first product. If you're serious about becoming a content creator, one of the hardest steps is earning your first dollar. Make it a goal and aim for that all year. I wrote an article talking about five ways to do this if you're interested.
  5. Create and stick to a content calendar for at least one month. Consistency is hard. This year, why not work on that? The last week of the month, create a content calendar for the month to come. Then actually stick to it when that month rolls around.

Interview with Medium CEO: Is Medium Still Worth it in 2024?

I was absolutely delighted to speak with Tony Stubblebine, Medium CEO, about whether he thinks Medium is still worth it in 2024. Spoiler: he said yes, no surprises there.

Here's the video:

video preview

The only AI writing tool I recommend

There's a lot of AI junk out there. If you're like me and are having a hard time keeping up with publishing content, but you want something that makes half-decent articles, I recommend

I did a full review of the tool here, including my SEO results with it:

video preview

Questions? Shoot me a reply.

Happy writing and happy belated 2024!


I help beginners write online.

by Zulie Rane

Want to share your story online but not sure how to start? I'm here to help. I cover the best writing platforms, how to grow your online audience, monetization options, and reviews of popular writing tools.

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