How I used ChatGPT to Write an SEO Article [for free]

published5 months ago
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Good morning Reader,

Hello, first of all! It's been a while since I sat down to write a newsletter! I recently moved house which has been a real process. I'm so excited to share today's video and article with you. I love writing these newsletters!

First, a video explaining how to write an article using AI.

How I used ChatGPT to Write an SEO Article

I have pretty complicated thoughts on AI. I do *not* like to use it for my personal blog posts. It may save time, but I'm just never 100% happy with how it sounds. So those are human-written.

But for content I write to rank for SEO? Well, I don't mind using AI for that so much. The video is about 10 minutes long, and walks you through my process of combining AI and human insights to write an evergreen, unopinionated article. It took me about 90 minutes to make this article, start to finish, including all the images.

video preview

Curious about how the article turned out? Here you go:

I thought this would be a fun case study in showing you my process and the end result. I've struggled with AI writing in the past, since it often turns out to be word salad, or SEO'd fluff, but I'm slowly narrowing down to specific prompts and questions I use to get AI to write an article properly.

I'd love to hear your thoughts. I know AI is a spicy topic right now, so let me know what you're thinking!

Happy writing,


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