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I'm now one of the editors for Better Marketing

Published 10 months ago • 1 min read

Hi Reader,

Exciting news: I'm now one of three editors for Better Marketing! Better Marketing is Medium's #1, top marketing publication with over 100k followers.

For a while, it was drifting between owners. Now, I'm thrilled to announce that Kati Amberry, Sinem Günel, and I will be doing our best to make Better Marketing the best place to learn about marketing online.

What this means for you

I have two main updates that are relevant to you.

First, Sinem, Kati, and I are hosting a Launch Party this Thursday, Aug 24th, at 11 am ET. It'll be on YouTube, so you can watch the recorded version after the fact.

Coming to the live version? Bring yourself and any questions you have:

  • What's Better Marketing?
  • What types of stories will get published?
  • How come we're the ones running it?
  • How will we be helping promote your stories?
  • And any other questions you might have!

Second, I am so excited to share that we applied for and were accepted into the Boost beta program. This means that each Better Marketing Booster will be able to nominate 20 marketing-related stories for the Boost every month as of Sept 2023. We will be actively looking for amazing stories about marketing to nominate!

Want more details? Head on over to this Better Marketing newsletter I published yesterday to read about what we're looking for, what we don't want, and our commitments to you.

Happy writing,


I help beginners write online.

by Zulie Rane

Want to share your story online but not sure how to start? I'm here to help. I cover the best writing platforms, how to grow your online audience, monetization options, and reviews of popular writing tools.

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