I used AI to generate 11 SEO articles. Here are my results.

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Hi Reader,

First up: since the last few Medium Income Reveals haven't had any views, I'm switching to screenshots instead. Let me know if you'd like me to include any particular screenshots, or have any questions!

Here's my breakdown:

That Partner Program bonus is the money I earned from nominating stories that earned a Boost. Top earning stories are screenshotted as well. For the record, 4/5 have been boosted.

Full disclosure: I used AI to generate articles for my website.

Not the good ones. Not the fun ones. Just the ones I wanted to rank for, but didn't feel like writing. Articles like:

But I had another motive for generating these AI articles other than laziness. Well, two, actually.

  1. I wanted to test certain AI tools to see if I'd recommend them to a friend.
  2. I wanted to see if AI could rank for SEO.

The short answer to both? Barely any, and barely any.

I compared around 25 articles, some written with AI, some outlined with AI, and some written purely from my own fingers and heart, to see what ranked best for SEO.

If you want the full, longer answer including:

  • Screenshots of my results
  • Interview with an SEO expert who broke Google's results so much that they changed SEO rules and nuked his sites
  • A detailed explanation of how SEO and AI work

Then check out my new early access, ad-free video:

video preview

I know this is a contentious subject, so I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Early/ad-free articles:

Happy writing,


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