These people earn $30k+ per MONTH

Good morning Reader,

I only recently heard of "over-employment" and "job stacking." Instantly, though, I was intrigued.

Both those terms refer to one important concept: working two (or more!) jobs at the same time.

And you don't tell your bosses.

There are people who are making $30,000k per month doing this, stacking 4-8 jobs total.

When I first found out about this, I was dying to learn more. I spoke to two of job stackers about how they got started, how much money they earn, and what it's like to be over-employed -- and how other people can do it too, if they feel like that's the right choice.

Here's the result:

This video covers:

  • Intro to Overemployment
  • Overemployment Experts
  • How Does Overemployment Work?
  • How Much Can You Earn With Overemployment?
  • Benefits of Overemployment
  • Downsides to Overemployment
  • Is Overemployment Legal?
  • How to Become Overemployed?
  • The First Rule of Overemployment
  • The Future of Overemployment
  • My Spicy Take on Overemployment
  • Is Overemployment Right For You?

On a side note, I am really proud of this video. Long-term viewers know my video-editing has been a work in progress. This is the video I've worked hardest on, and as a result, I'm thrilled with how it came out. I'd love to hear what you think.

Happy writing,


P.S. Any Rimworld fans out there? The latest expansion came out last Friday!

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