I don't believe in niches. Here's what I like instead.

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Good morning Reader,

Out of your friends and family, who has just one interest? My friends are awesome because they love baking, photography, hiking, their pets, and ten thousand other things. I bet yours are similar.

And yet the predominant creator advice is to niche down. No thanks!!

As you may be able to tell from my impassioned italics, I'm a niche-hater. (You can read my anti-niche rant here.) I believe that if you try to niche down too early, you risk losing your passion and creativity.

What about you? Have you ever felt like “choosing one thing” isn’t the right path for you? Maybe you’ve tried to settle on something to become an expert in, only to get bored and jump ship because something about it didn’t feel right.

On top of that, you have a ton of interests, ideas, and passions competing for your attention at any given time.

If any of that resonates, you’re in good company. I recently had a really fun Zoom call with D’Ana Joi, who is a fellow writer on Medium. She had a word for the kind of person who fits that description: a “multi-passionate creative.”

That term really struck home for me because it makes so much more intuitive sense to me than niching down. If you feel like me, that niches are limiting and you have more to offer than just one trademark interest, hobby, or talent, going the multi-passionate route can be really freeing.

If you’re wondering if you may be a multi-passionate creative -- and what you should do about it if so! -- read Joi’s article. She hooked me up with a friend link too, no Medium account needed to read! She’ll walk you through 5 ways to tell if you're a multi-passionate creative and what you can do to leverage that power and grow.

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